Famous Grotto of Saipan!


We can relax in the small group of diving!
Let's enjoy the Saipan!

Fun Diving of Saipan!

- Guided Diving -

I want to safely dive with certified diver!
If you already have a certification card and just want to do some Shore dives & Boat dives, here are some great options. Let's go Diving!

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Discover Scuba Diving of Saipan!

- Discover Scuba Diving -

I want to try Scuba Diving!
If your not a certified diver and want to try Scuba Diving then Discover Scuba Diving is your best option. Let's try Diving!

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Underwater Photography Free of Saipan!

- Underwater photography Free -

I want you to take underwater photos!
We will shoot underwater photos with a digital camera! We copy the image to CD-R, will present to you for free. How is the memorial of your diving?

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