Let's go to the beautiful underwater world of Saipan!


We can relax in the small group of diving!
Let's enjoy the Saipan!

- Staff -

Diving Staff & Saipan Dog!

★ Shigemi Yamagishi - Owner & Instructor & Diving Guide -

Shigemi is a Japanese began to live for the first time Saipan after the Second World War with Brothers. Yamagishi Three Brothers made a diving shop in the beautiful Saipan. They were also made Fishing & Trolling shop, Travel agencies, Restaurant and divers of the hotel. They have found a very famous dive site "Grotto" in Saipan. Of course, They was also pioneered other diving point. Shigemi enjoys life in the Lovely Dog and Saipan,now!

★ Rie Matsuo - Instructor & Diving Guide -

Rie love beautiful nature of Saipan. She had been visiting a lot to Saipan as travelers. She will love more Saipan, she had been the diving work if noticing. She is good at speaking a lot in Japanese, but she will be shy when you speak in English. You will enjoy the Saipan diving hospitality of Japanese style!

★ Daisuke Matsuo - Instructor & Diving Guide -

Daisuke became divers in Saipan. He became captivated of Saipan from seeing the visibility is high sea and tropical fish. He is gentle and kind Japanese. He is not good at speaking English, but he will talk to hard. Once you start the dive, he is a guide that is dependable, will become as diver to your friends!

★ Diving Society

PADI : Professional Association of Diving Instructors. The Way the World Learns to Dive. PADI is the world's leading scuba diver training organization.

CMAS : Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques. One of the oldest dive organizations in the world, and one that serves to coordinate standards among water sports and activities, including scuba-diving, freediving, and spearfishing.

- Company -

MACRO ENERGY,Inc (DBA: SAIPAN MEI DIVE 1968) is the oldest dive shop in the Northern Mariana Islands. We made a diving shop on Saipan in 1968.

Scuba instruction and guiding on the island of Saipan & Tinian. We offers the best dives for divers of all levels. We own Two pick-up trucks and with those we are ready to take you on a scuba diving adventure.

We are member of MARIANAS VISITORS AUTHORITY(MVA) & Northern Mariana Diving Operators Association (NMDOA).

We will provide an exclusive experience how to enjoy "Saipan & Tinian"!

- Diving Shop -

★ Diving shop is located in the place where coconut Street and Plumeria Avenue intersect (Garapan downtown).

We are open for business between 7 am and 7 pm, seven days a week. Check out our convenient location!

★ We accept your phone & FAX & E-mail 24 hours a day.

E-mail: saipan@meidive.com

E-mail: meidive@yahoo.co.jp

TEL: 1-670-233-3625

FAX: 1-670-233-3625

Mobile phone: 1-670-483-3626

★ Our postal address is US Post Office of Saipan. (Saipan is only a post office box.)

Address: P.O.BOX 5219 CHRB SAIPAN, MP 96950 USA

Name: Rie Matsuo (I hope in the personal name of the staff rather than the company name.)

★ Our Website has English and Japanese.

English page: http://www.meidive.com/saipan-divingshop/

Japanese page: http://www.meidive.com/saipan-diving/

PC-site(Japanese): http://www.meidive.com