Let's go to the beautiful underwater world of Saipan!


We can relax in the small group of diving!
Let's enjoy the Saipan!

- Guided Diving -

Spotlight is a famous boat diving points!

★ SAIPAN MEI DIVE 1968 has safety first diving!

We are often diving guide of experience. If you are a need, we give the advice of diving skills. (You can practice to the skills of diving.) You can play with your friends, you dive in small groups that easy to take to communicate! You can enjoy the feeling of floating like spacewalk in the high beautiful sea of visibility. You can take "The Best Shot" of Underwater digital camera.

★ Guided diving Guidelines

1. We accept daily Shore Diving and Boat Diving from one person.

2. We will match your request as much as possible.(Schedule, Diving style, etc.)

3. "Safety first, to relax, to play in the Underwater a long time, to fun diving!" Japanese staff will help you.

4. Beginner divers and blank divers will regain a sense of diving by the Refresh Diving.

5. "More diving to enjoy!", You can make guided diving while skills.

6. We are committed to you are able to carefully taken to lovers camera.

★ If you do not have a certification card will Discover Scuba Diving. ⇒ Click here!

Let's go Diving!

- Shore Dives -

Saipan Dog

Based on your request, safely while to determine the day of sea conditions! Comfortable! We will consider the schedule so that customers can enjoy diving. Of course, I am a customer and while consultation. In addition, the schedule of change is also possible to fit the customer's physical condition of the day.

The following is a pattern of basic Shore Dives.

1. 2:00 pm Beach + 1 beach

2. 1:00 pm Beach + 2 Beach

3. Morning, only 1-2 beach dive afternoon

You can enjoy up to 4 dives per day by considering the time.

Please note, however, that can also be combined with Botodaibu, please feel free to contact us.

- Boat Dives -

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From your point request, we use a multiple of vaporetti company to meet the service schedule. If you can advance your reservation, you will be able to suppress the point bound of boat you wish. In addition, from getting to come to Saipan and such customer's physical condition, also we will correspond reservation of the previous Botodaibu. Please let us know worry of seasickness is Yes you. Shaking little boat or speed boat, you can guide you to choose the boat company, such as the near field point from Saipan.

The following is a pattern of boat schedule.

1. 2:00 Botodaibu

2. 2:00 pm Botodaibu

3. 1:00 pm Botodaibu

* Until the last minute will schedule adjustment, but by the day of the sea much less driving conditions, there are times when it does not attach to hope.

In addition, you will be able to dive in combination with Shore Dives.

- Experienced divers -

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- Beginner diver -

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- Equalization techniques -

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